Uncertain likeness

terracotta; 200 x 80 x 85 cm

exhibition views in public space, Kikinda (SRB); 2023

works from the International Symposium of Large-Scale Terracotta Sculpture – Terra, 2022
Kikinda, Serbia 

Shown in public space in front of the Terra Gallery, Kikinda city square and in the Terra Gallery July 2023.

My idea was to create worm-like anthropomorphic forms – the lowest forms of animal lives – that at the same time merge with balancing forces.
In my sculptures, I question human existence, with its abysses and extremes, and therefore in the creative process I
search for forms of “in-betweenness”. At the symposium in Kikinda I created a series of sculptures that talk about change, the annulment of the hierarchy between living and non-living things, as well as a moment that excludes any clear

in the making, 2022