missed connections

exhibition view
ceramic, glaze, ceramic and porcelain second-hand animals; 
26 x 24 x 42 cm, 44 x 41 x 70 cm

ceramic, glaze, ceramic and porcelain second-hand animals; 23 x 24 x 34 cm

missed connections, 2017

Part One Cologne
with Justin Lieberman (collage)
curated by Andri Bischoff
The works of Klemm and Lieberman employ a particular sort of cast-off material; in Klemm’s case, second hand stuffed and ceramic animals, and in Lieberman’s, amateur landscape paintings bought in thrift stores. These are put into the service of abstraction by way of rearrangement. For the exhibition Missed Connections, their works have been brought back from the brink of this abstraction into a more narrative, domestic tableau. In addition, each tried their hand at creating from scratch the materials with which the other works, and in exchanging these, formed the basis for a pair of collaborative works.

invitation cover image