Cling tightly, 2022
Intervention with ropes and flag fabrics on the “Lindauer Löwe”
1,8 x 3,20 x 5 m
1st Biennale Lindau

The “Lindauer Löwe” was sitting unchanged at the port entrance to Lindau am Bodensee since 1856.
I designed four different colour gradients in red, orange, grey and pink, which were printed on 40 light fabrics by Firma WEBA.
They have been knotted by tree climbers on a net of ropes, tightend around the stony lions body.
The intervention was made for the 1st Biennale Lindau.
The flag fabrics can be seen as an extension of the lion. They are moving when there is strong wind, they lie down on
the stony surface when it is windless, and they hang down wet in the rain. The lions appearance is partly covered and alienated,
the movements of the fabrics are cooperating with the natural elements. The lion as a symbol of power, strength and masculinity is
suddenly subject of uncontrollable changes: the coloring and the formal alienation is breaking the shape of the stable lion and the
classical architectural interplay at the port.