Opening 8.12.2023, 6 pm

Exhibition 9.12.2023 - 26.1.2024

Jahresgaben 2023 at the Galerie von Empfangshalle, Theresienstraße 154, Munich

Galerie von Empfangshalle presents “Think Before You Print” - a group exhibition collaboratively developed
by the artists Paulina Nolte, Julia Klemm and Kristina Schmidt.

A large printer - a xerox machine - occupies the center of the gallery space, clearly visible from the outside.
For “Thin Before You Print”, around 180 artists from Munich and all over the world send their digital images
to the xerox machin via Empfangshalle’s digital network. One by one, black and white printouts of the artists’
work flutter out of the printer’ tray. The room becomes a dynamic installation, flooded with sheets of paper.
A global, artistic connection is created, channeled via the printing network.

The sheets can be purchased directly on site for one Euro or more. All proceeds will be donated to the
Bavarian Refuge Council. A recommendation by the curatorial team: if you have the means, donate what
you can and consider purchasin further original works by the participating artists. The connecting idea is
community, respect and solidarity.

For inquiries and further information, please contact:

With generous support by
amac GmbH /
Bezirksausschuss 9 Neuhausen-Nymphenburg


Unique Endof-year-Aktion in collaboration with Serena Ferrario
Multiples Online Shop with a selection of Art-Editions of the last three years.


I am very happy to have been selected for the “Stipendium für Bildende Kunst” for
my upcoming ceramic series I will realise in 2024 at Foundation Bruckner, Switzerland. .
Here you can find out more about the scholarship, including the jury's statement: link


view of the terracotta sculpture park; photo by Igor Grandic

Ongoing public exhibition until July 2024

I am pleased to announce the exhibition of the sculptures we built at the last year's
41st International Symposium for Large-Scale Terracotta Sculpture at TERRA Center Kikinda Serbia.
The works are shown in public space in front of the Terra Gallery, Kikinda city square.

Aleksandar Buncic
Julia Klemm
Lazar Markovich
Ivana Radovanović
Bernhard Rüdiger
Bogdan Vukosavljević

You can find pictures and more information on the following pages:
Terra Website